What Are The Best Quilting Machines

What Are The Best Quilting Machines

Welcome to our post which will help you to identify the best quilting machines on offer.

Quilting machines significantly speed up the process of making beautifully crafted quilts and ensure each stitch is consistent and permanent.

Hand crafted quilts really are a labor of love however if you want to produce a number of quilting projects and do it in days and weeks rather than months, then a quilting machine is the way to go.

Best Quilting Machines Selection

The following quilting machines are all extremely popular among beginner and more experienced sewing enthusiasts. Customer reviews consistently put these machines at the top of the pick list. Click on the images for the latest prices, offers, product information and customer review comments.

Quilting Machines – Buying Considerations

Basic quilting can be done on almost any sewing machine however if you are looking to take this up as a serious hobby and make the most of this very enjoyable past-time then there are some key features to look out for that will help make it a more enjoyable quilting experience.

A key feature to look out for is to ensure that there is a large space under the arm so that the quilt material can be rolled up and fitted under the arm when it’s being worked on. Look out for short-arm, medium arm and long-arm extensions. Each type of arm will provide you with varying degrees of space to work your material. The longer the arm the easier it will be to manipulate the quilt.

A walking foot or duel feed foot either built in or as an accessory available to fit it is also a must have. This is important so that the fabric and wadding doesn’t slip when it’s being put through the sewing machine.

The needle up / down feature is also useful when piecing the quilt together. This feature allows the needle to always stop with the needle up or down so that your material can be moved on the needle when changing direction. The needle can also be set to stop on up so that the fabric can be removed quickly and easily.

There are many other great accessories that a serious quilter might wish to buy. A quarter inch foot, stitch in the ditch foot, quilting guide, free machine quilting foot are all great addons to look out for.

Another time saver that can help you is the lock stitch. This feature automatically locks off your stitch at the end of the seam.

Start/Stop Button allows you to sew without using the foot control. Just press the start button to go on longer seams, so common in quilting and home decor, this is much more relaxing option than the continuous pressure of a foot pedal. Essential for any quilting machine and is excellent for free machine quilting.

Drop feed is for free motion quilting, darning, attaching buttons, and other applications where feed dogs are not necessary.

Extension table is not essential but some quilters do find them very useful as they extend your flat working area which is particularly nice when doing free machine quilting.

Follow the links below for more product information on the best quilting machines.

Best Quilting Machines

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