Brother XL26100i Free Arm Sewing Machine Review

Brother XL26100i Free Arm Sewing Machine Review

The Brother XL26100i Free Arm Sewing Machine is an eye catching machine designed in white with teal accents.

It’s a small, light but sturdy machine, weighing only thirteen pounds and measuring 12X7X9 inches making it portable and easy to carry.

The product comes with 25 in-built stitches. These include basic sewing stitches as well as decorative and quilting stitches more advanced sewing tasks.

The machine also ships with a number of accessories such as zipper, buttonhole and hemming feet plus a 25-year limited warranty and phone support if you should encounter any issues.

Brother XL26100i Free Arm Sewing Machine Video

Take a look at the Brother XL26100i Free Arm Sewing Machine video below for an overview of the product.

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Brother XL26100i Free Arm Sewing Machine Features

There are a lot of great features that are included with the Brother XL26100i Free Arm Sewing Machine, including twenty-five pre-programmed stitches.

The stitch chart is displayed on the front of the machine, right at eye level when you’re sitting and sewing, making everything nice and convenient for you.

There’s also the easy stitch selector, where all you have to do is turn a dial to pick your stitch, and a jam resistant top drop-in bobbin that makes loading bobbins super simple.

Brother XL26100i Free Arm Sewing Machine Review

There’s also an easy threading system with an automatic needle threader.  All you have to do is follow the diagram printed on the machine and the needle threader takes care of the rest.

The product comes with automatic bobbin winding as well as a built-in free arm that’s perfect for sewing difficult cuffs and sleeves.  Also included is a one step, auto-sized buttonhole function that allows you to create custom-sized buttonholes.  All of these features and settings are designed to be user-friendly for any level seamstress.

Also included when you buy the Brother XL26100i is a set of five different feet, each designed to do separate tasks, an accessory pouch that has a needle set, twin needle, screwdriver, extra spool pin, three bobbins and a darning plate.

This Brother model also ships with a power cord, English/Spanish operations manual and a twenty-five year limited warranty.  So basically, everything you need to get started with any sewing project.

Brothers International, the corporation that makes this sewing machine, is known for their high-quality machines.

Most customers love the  Brother XL26100i and rave about how easy it is to use, as well as how cost effective, considering the amount of features that are included on the machine.

Some seamstresses recommend this as a first time sewing machine for beginners, but other customers say that it has more features than they’ll ever use.

Overall, this machine is great for almost anyone, even with the few complaints that customers had.  One was that the machine isn’t built to deal with heavy fabrics like denim or multiple layers because the presser foot doesn’t adjust up or down.  They also mentioned that the owner’s manual can be difficult to follow in some places and the diagrams are sometimes confusing.  Other than those minor things, everyone else loves this sewing machine.

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